12 oz Glass Coffee Cup/Travel Mug

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A stylish coffee cup with silicone sleeve and lid. Enjoy take-out coffee more sustainably by saying ‘No’ to single-use cups. The product sits neatly in car cupholders and is lightweight so can be tucked away in a bag, ready for use throughout the day.

  • BPA-free
  • Standard barista sizing
  • Easily removable sleeve and lid makes washing and maintenance effortless
  • Lightweight and durable design- ideal for coffee on-the-go
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During the manufacturing process, disposable paper cups are coated in a plastic, called polyethylene, to help keep the drink warm. This renders most cups that you would typically receive from a coffee shop non-recyclable. Britain alone gets through 2.5 billion coffee cups a year. Using a reusable cup is not only an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment, it can also allow you to receive discounts on your favourite beverages in an increasing number of coffee shops.


Weight 0.368 kg
Dimensions 9.5 × 9.5 × 13.5 cm

Grey, Turquoise

7 reviews for 12 oz Glass Coffee Cup/Travel Mug

  1. Niamh (verified owner)

    Amazing !!! Incred quality, looks cute and is sustainable? what more could u want

  2. Jim (verified owner)

    Oh my travel mug…
    Absolutely brilliant product! HOW does the lid stay on as well as it does? Was it custom made to fit PERFECTLY in my car? When’s the next product coming out…?! This company can do no wrong in my eyes…

  3. Edward J Youngson (verified owner)

    I am in LOVE with my travel mug! The design is amazing, it’s perfect for walks, library trips, days out…EVERYTHING. I would highly recommend

  4. Sophie Gilbraith (verified owner)

    I love my new mug! It is reallyyy good quality, completely splash proof, the sleeve keeps your hands warm but doesn’t scold your skin and it’s the perfect size to bring literally everywhere. You guys really thought of everything <3

  5. Ellie Waghorn (verified owner)

    Bought me and my boyfriend a travel mug each and I haven’t stopped using mine I absolutely love it and can’t wait to show him his surprise present. I’m so excited for what products come next!!

  6. Emily Burroughs (verified owner)

    Love my mug in turquoise colour, the cup is shatter proof glass so it’s easy to keep clean and doesn’t taste of last coffee when I want to drink tea! I don’t have to worry too much about it breaking too.
    Thanks so much 🙂

  7. Hannah (verified owner)

    Delighted with order, I have been using my travel mug a lot – it’s fantastic. Thank you

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